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Timea's Cause

This story begins with a young woman named Timea Nagy. Timea is a human trafficking survivor, author, speaker, and social advocate. She immigrated to Canada back in 1998 in hopes of finding employment. She fell into the trafficking world and was forced to work in the sex industry after responding to an ad that was looking for "a young woman in Canada - English not necessary - $1000/mo." Timea was held for three months in Toronto before she escaped. Watch her story in the short video below. 

In 2015, Timea founded Canad's first for-profit agency called Timea's Cause Inc. which provides funding and support to victims of human trafficking all across North America. Their mission is to raise awareness and educate others while funding for rehabilitation initiatives for human trafficking survivors across Canada.

"This woman has been instrumental in the changing of a nation in how Canada views Human Trafficking, her commitment and passion to her work cannot be measured."

Learn more about Timea's Cause here

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