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Curious about the best format for your post on EENet Connect? Here are some tips:

  • If your post is about a workshop, webinar, conference, presentation or training session, select  Event from the drop-down menu that appears when you click the POST button. This way it will show up in our calendar and people can let you know if they plan to attend.
  • If your post is about something you would like information about or feedback on, or if it is about a topic you'd like the community to be more informed about, select Topic when you post. This will allow people to easily post responses so a discussion can take place, and it will show up in our discussion forums. 
  • If you have a simple PDF or PowerPoint document to share that you would like to appear in the 'Files' section of our site, and that you don't feel requires feedback or discussion, you can post a Resource. Don't forget to provide a description and edit the title once you've uploaded your file!

Remember, EENet Connect is a place to go to find and share information - which means it is appropriate for formal,  polished announcements AND informal questions or expressions of opinion. We hope that you will use it for both purposes!


The EENet Connect team

P.S. You will also notice that on our help page there is a link that says 'tips for posting' if you would like some advice about how to make your posts engaging!   

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I feel Events section ends up not broadcasting  ahead to users and ends up being seen during the week of the event itself.  It does not practically support people... to "get there"  Is there a way to improve this? 

Is there a way to categorize and make more easily accessible for people to ...ponder training?

Maybe I don't know the actual steps involved to address these issues. If so, please spell them out.  

as ever with thanks for this rather great tech eenetconnect is deploying.



Hi @Registered Member - thanks, as always, for your feedbacK!

Currently the site is set up to notify members about calendar events as soon as they are posted, irrespective of the date of the events (except for those who have turned off their event notifications).  On the homepage, if you are viewing the site on a computer, you can see the week's upcoming events in a box on the  right side of your screen - but you can also select Calendar from the menu to see all events that have been posted at any time.  If you have a suggestion for another option for categorizing events, please let us know!  

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