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There is more to mental health than diagnosable mental illnesses. We’re pleased to release, on behalf of Thrive Toronto, the city’s first multi-sector mental health plan focused on improving mental wellness and psychological health.

The #ThriveTO Mental Health Plan outlines 5 key actions it will undertake to improve mental wellness:

  1. First, Thrive Toronto will create a community mental health report card to highlight needs and what can be done to address them.
  2. Second, Thrive Toronto will support the development of a climate change and mental health strategy to decrease the impact of climate change on mental health.
  3. Third, Thrive Toronto will support implementation of actions from the Supportive Housing Growth Plan.
  4. Fourth, Thrive Toronto will work with employers and extended health benefit providers to support expanded workplace mental health benefits.
  5. Fifth, Thrive Toronto will develop a learning centre with tools and training to support mental wellness.
  6. To read the full Thrive Toronto Mental Health Plan, visit
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