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In November 2020, Evidence Exchange Network (EENet) and Community Care information Management co-hosted a World Café-style event with more than 70 participants, focusing on the use of standardized tools.

Each participant took part in three facilitated, small-group, virtual breakout sessions focusing on their topic selections out of a total of nine topics. The breakout sessions allowed participants to learn from each other's experiences and hear more about how to use different tools to support client-centred care and quality improvement.

Read an overview of the themes that emerged from the breakout sessions, looking specifically at the challenges associated with using the tools, strategies to address these challenges, and how to leverage the use of standardized tools for quality improvement.

Next steps: We plan to host other World Café-style events that will focus on select topics of interest. If you'd like to hear from us when we schedule these events, please ensure that you subscribe to the EENet newsletter.

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