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Location: Anywhere in Ontario (remote)

Hours: Flexible

Salary: Income is derived from a combination of provincial and private funding opportunities

About Psychotherapy Matters:

Founded in 2015, Psychotherapy Matters (PM) was built by and for psychiatrists.

As a Virtual Psychiatric Consultant, you'll have the opportunity to be part of PM’s mission to deliver easy-to-access, patient-centred, collaborative care. Our goal is to empower psychiatrists so that they can perform at the highest level.

Position Overview:

Psychotherapy Matters (PM) provides an innovative solution to the disorganized and isolating nature of telepsychiatry. We are seeking the services of permanent part-time to full-time psychiatrists to provide virtual, consultative mental health care in collaboration with psychotherapists and primary care providers across Canada.

We offer the best telepsychiatry experience! Psychotherapy Matters has linked 200+ regulated psychotherapy providers (RP's, SW's, OT's, RN's and Psychologists) and 2000+ family doctors to our consulting psychiatrists to provide comprehensive mental health care services. Join us today to be a part of this change!

If you join the Psychotherapy Matters (PM) team, you will have complete support and flexibility. You can work anywhere from 2 to 40 hours a week—it's your choice! You can choose! The PM team will assist you in all administrative tasks, such as faxing, phoning, billing, report writing and scheduling, so you can focus on delivering the best care to your patients.

This is why you wanted to be a psychiatrist in the first place!


The Physician must demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Within the Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic model of collaborative care framework, virtually assess patients to diagnose the nature and extent of mental health disorders.
  • Recommend treatments and further investigations in collaboration with primary care providers and other allied health professionals.
  • Provide insight, guidance and recommendations to therapists who deliver psychotherapy and case management.
  • Prepare and submit succinct consult reports and summaries.

Skills – Ability – Experience:

  • Excellent communication
  • Expertise and comfort in the role of consultant.
  • Enthusiasm for collaborative care and the ability to flexibly adapt to a virtual team-based model of care.

Education – Certification – License:

  • Medical degree and registration in good standing with Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
  • Certification in Psychiatry and registration with The Royal College of Physicians of Canada (FRCPC)

Before applying, please familiarize yourself with Psychotherapy Matters' website and mission

Please email your CV to

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