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The YMCA of Greater Toronto is offering a FREE e-learning course about youth and cannabis use in Canada.

This self-guided module explores findings from Canadian national surveys to illustrate the landscape of recreational cannabis use in Canada particularly as it relates to youth. It will address frequently asked questions such as:

  • Do youth use cannabis in Canada?
  • How does youth cannabis use differ from adult cannabis use?
  • How does cannabis use compare with other substance use trends (i.e. alcohol, tobacco) among youth in Canada?
  • How has legalization of cannabis impacted the use of cannabis in Canada?
  • Does initiating use at a younger age increase the likelihood of developing problematic cannabis use?
  • What are the potential harms of cannabis use for youth?
  • What are ways to stay safe if one chooses to use cannabis?

Providing balanced and evidence-based information about the cannabis use landscape, this resource provides parents, adults, and professionals involved in young people’s lives with information supporting an open dialogue with youth about cannabis use. Click the link to enroll:

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