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The act of storytelling is deeply woven into the fabric of our existence. It's how we make sense of the world, share our experiences, and connect with others.

Engaging with the MAPS coresearchers, a recurring theme surfaced: the immense power held by the narratives we craft about ourselves and our mental health journeys. It is from this realization that Storytellers magazine was born—a monthly publication dedicated to embracing and sharing the diverse stories that shape our lives.

Storytellers is not just a magazine; it's a movement towards reclaiming and reframing the stories that often go untold. Those hidden, often invisible experiences of mental health, mental illness and mental health-related disabilities. It's a space where heroes of their own stories emerge, where the lines between villains and allies blur and shift as understanding deepens, and where every individual is the author of their own life script.

Within its pages, Storytellers offers a plethora of experiences:

The Hero's Journey: Tales of self-discovery, thrivance, and empowerment from individuals who navigate the complexities of mental health.
Rewriting the Narrative: Insightful articles that encourage readers to reshape their experiences, to find hope and healing in the act of retelling.
A Spectrum of Characters: Profiles and interviews that demonstrate the multifaceted nature of our struggles and strengths.
Turning Points: Celebrating the pivotal moments that change the course of our personal narratives in profound ways.
A Wider Lens: Fostering a community narrative that includes diverse voices and experiences in the conversation about mental health.
Shared Visions: A gallery of collective dreams and visions that illustrate our shared humanity and interconnectedness.

Each issue is an invitation to reflection, reflexivity, and intention. A call to reshape the way we view our stories and a celebration of the power inherent in voicing them. Storytellers does not rely on the regular publication engines as gatekeepers to illuminate the richness of our experiences. Instead, we embrace the transformative power of storytelling, and to share in the collective authorship of a narrative that champions mental health and wellbeing.

Storytellers is not just about reading—it's about community, connection, and the courage to rewrite the narratives that no longer serve us. We welcome you to be a part of this narrative renaissance and welcome you to a growing anthology of hope, strength, and solidarity.

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