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brainXchange Event: Primary and secondary prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease – a multidisciplinary approach




Alzheimer’s disease is a prevalent and devastating illness for which we do not yet have efficacious pharmacological treatments. However, accumulating evidence points to the importance of non-pharmacological strategies in slowing down disease course, which will likely become cornerstones of Alzheimer’s disease management in both prodromal and overt disease courses.

We will discuss some of these strategies including vascular risk factors management, nutrition, physical exercise, cognitive reserve and activities, via the lens of personalized medicine.  

This integrated KTE webinar event is brought to you by brainXchange in partnership with the Alzheimer Society of Canada and the Canadian Consortium of Neurodegeneration in Aging (CCNA).
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Chenjie Xia, MD;  Assistant Professor, McGill University; Neurologist, Memory Clinic, Jewish General Hospital

Dr. Chenjie Xia completed medical school and neurology residency at McGill University in Montreal. She then trained as a cognitive neuroscience fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston before returning to Montreal, where she is now a cognitive neurologist in the Neurology department and co-director of the Memory Clinic at the Jewish General Hospital.

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