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CAMH Patient and Family Learning Centre webinar: Ask the Experts: Decriminalization of Substance Use


The opioid poisoning crisis has taken more than 25,000 lives across Canada since 2016. Last year, CAMH released a statement in favour of decriminalizing the simple possession of illicit drugs, including opioids. In this webinar, the presenters will explain CAMH's position, the rationale behind it, and the other measures needed to address this crisis.

The statement can be accessed here: CAMH Statement on the decriminalization of substance use

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Here are some resources from the webinar organizers, along with the slides attached:

As a reminder, you can read the statement and use it to shape your conversations, letters, and phone calls to your government representatives at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels. Decriminalization is a health issue first and foremost and I hope this session helps inform your work and thinking about substance use moving forward.

CAMH statement: Statement on the decriminalization of substance use

A participant put this petition into the chat and you can add your name here: Petition e-3869 - Petitions (

We’re aware that you or someone you know might need access to accessible mental health care and services. Included here are a few support resources:

Community Resource Sheets:

Dr. Leslie Buckley reminded us all of the rapid access medical clinics that are available across the GTA. A rapid access addiction medicine (RAAM) clinic is a walk-in clinic for people with substance use problems. The purpose of the clinic is to provide people with quick access to addiction services without a referral or appointment. Most RAAM clinics are first-come/first-serve and offer clients brief counselling and referrals to community services.

You can find a RAAM clinic near you and more information here: raam-resource-sheet-pdf.pdf (



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