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Recovery Webinar: Hope and Possibilities (Speaker Series)

Recovery Webinar: Hope and Possibilities (Speaker Series)

This 90-minute webinar offers a safe and welcoming space to connect with others and hear inspiring personal stories of resilience, recovery and hope.  Speakers from our Peer Talk program share their experiences with mood disorders and with supporting loved ones who have mental health challenges.

Join us for an evening of empowerment and endless possibilities! Hope & Possibilities meets Wednesday, July 21st, from 6:30 to 8:00 PM via Zoom, the online, virtual format.

To register, just click or tap here!

Speakers Biography:

  • Leah is a CPA who lives and works in Toronto.  She has lived experience of mental health and a keen interest in its challenges.  She enjoys being active and building community connections.  She is also a cat enthusiast and loves music. Topics Leah speaks on include mental health in a professional environment, trauma, anxiety, wellness, and self-care.

  • Monica holds down the fort in a household with two daughters battling depression, PTSD and other issues including addiction and anorexia. She stood by her husband of 25 years in a long struggle with bipolar disorder until his recent passing. She speaks about resilience, self-care, and how unconditional love (and pets) can keep a family together and moving forward against all odds.

  • Sara is excited to share her story and raise awareness of what occurs within the brain when someone is living with anxiety. Her goal is to improve understanding of the biology and psychology of mental health, to help others recognize that anxiety and related challenges are more than “just in your head.” She strives to reduce stigma around mental illnesses while empowering those who experience them.

  • Monika holds degrees in history and education as well as a certificate in Employment Counselling. As a mental health advocate, she speaks positively about resilience, the power of inner strength and the beauty and magic of allies.

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