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I came across this resource, which may be useful to some of the groups on EENet Connect: The Communities of Practice Playbook - A playbook to collectively run and develop communities of practice.

"This award-winning, hands-on comprehensive toolbox helps you run and develop communities, networks and any other formal or informal structures that require collaboration and cooperation between various stakeholders who need to work together with a common purpose and vision. Based on rigorous scientific research and vast empirical experience within the European Commission on communities of practice, the playbook consists of step-by step guidance, good practices and interactive visual boards allowing you to co-create a roadmap to develop, engage and empower your community at every stage of its journey across eight success facets: vision, governance, leadership, convening, collaboration and cooperation, community management, user experience, measurement."

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Good morning Rossana,

Thanks for sending along the link to the CoP Playbook- a quick look tells me there is some good food for thought there in terms of practice.

You may already be familiar the InFed site and their overviews of learning concepts but thought would send this one along for your collection

Thanks for your work on keeping our CoP supported.

The playbook spells things out nice and clear, thanks.  Just to keep playing with learning resources, This eBook by Stephen Downes:

Connectivism and Connective Knowledge: Essays on meaning and learning networks , isn't a how to pull off, but sure encourages us to think of principles and ideals of learning as we work on creating our projects by connecting communities.

Connectivism is the thesis that knowledge is distributed across a network of connections, and therefore that learning consists of the ability to construct and traverse those networks. ...

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