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Social Worker Martin Webber from the United Kingdom: "On World Mental Health Day here is an opportunity to reflect on the importance of social connections for our mental health. "

... The full effect of the pandemic on our mental health is only now becoming apparent. Rates of depression in the UK have almost doubled during the pandemic. The pandemic has had a disproportionate effect on young people, women, and people living with young children. Further, the World Health Organisation has reported this week that mental health service provision has been disrupted globally amidst rising demand. ...


... One thing the pandemic has highlighted is how important people are for each other. We look out for friends and neighbours who are self-isolating. We use video-calling to keep in touch with friends and family we cannot visit. We have re-discovered the importance of community.

See the blog post here:


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Would be great to hear about the different ways folks on EENet Connect honoured World Mental Health Day this year!

CMHA Ontario released a tip sheet on "10 things you can do right now to reduce anxiety, stress, worry related to COVID-19" and also compiled a list of supports available across the province:

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Thanks for sharing this information, but the world pandemic is kind of looking for the healthcare to be funded in order to be needed caring for the people in England to be funded for healthcare, but be careful for people not to be diseased sincerely,

Mohammad Talal Chehab

Hi Mohammad,

Yes as you say, the funding for health care is a struggle.

Are you saying that "health care," focuses too much on the idea of "disease," rather than a healthy life?

I think a healthy life, sometimes framed in the health care system as: - Health Promotion or the Social Determinants of Health need more focus.  What do you think?

cheers, Bill

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