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The Ontario Caregiver Organization (OCO) is proud to launch a new website to help young caregivers aged 15-25. The new website was  designed in collaboration with, and for, young caregivers and offers information and resources that address their unique needs. We would welcome your support in promoting this new site with young caregivers you may know or with others who interact with young caregivers.

Young caregivers are often a hidden and at-risk-group of caregivers, helping a family member with a chronic illness, disability (physical or intellectual), mental health, addiction, or socioeconomic factor (single parent family, language barrier, etc.). Caring work can affect how well they do at school and impact other areas of their life, such as socializing and extracurricular activities. Young caregivers have told us they want to be recognized and supported in their work by family, peers, school and professional healthcare providers.

Please help us reach more young caregivers and let them know about the resources OCO has to support them. The new website features information on various health conditions, self-care tips and resources, as well as discussion forums where young caregivers can connect with each other on any topic they need support with, as well as offering a support group for young caregivers.


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