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Sean Kidd, Kwame McKenzie, and Gursharan Virdee, bridge our community based and recovery focused care to the hospital context.  As a front line worker I found it a refreshing relook at the challenge to:

“…situate this very large care sector with a dialogue that, to date, has focused almost exclusively on outpatient and community practices. …”

Mental Health Reform at a Systems Level: Widening the Lens on Recovery-Oriented Care Sean A Kidd, PhD, CPsych, CPRP,1 Kwame J McKenzie, MD, MRCPsych,2 and Gursharan Virdee, MSc (PsyD Candidate)3

…However, should hospitals more effectively engage in efforts toward mental health reform, the challenges of transition out of hospital may be considerably reduced. First, there would be a less radical shift in the model of care, with recovery-oriented hospital care more seamlessly merging with outpatient and community care. …

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