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This conference aims to strengthen the research bridge with community based activities on music and wellness.

About the Conference:

The conference will be articulated around four specific objectives.

(1)CONNECT: Participants will have the opportunity to create contacts in a convivial atmosphere by attending networking sessions and a fair where partners will present their activities to the public.

(2)EXPERIENCE: To gain a better grasp of current practices, practitioner-led workshops on community-based music programs and approaches linking music and health will be organized during the event, in an experiential approach to knowledge transmission. (

(3)DIALOGUE: Three days of the event will be devoted to scientific presentations and round-table discussions on ongoing or completed research projects to offer examples and detailed explanations on research co-developed and implemented between researchers and various health, social and community partners.

(4)CREATE: A one-day forum will conclude the event, designed to stimulate the development of applied research ideas on the theme of music in the social prescribing approach.

Music, Health, and the Community: Catalyzing Research on Community-based Music Programs for Health

May 21-24, 2024, at The Royal Mental Health Center

In May 2024, the Institute for Research on Music and Health and its partners will offer a comprehensive series of outreach and knowledge mobilization activities on community-based music practices and their benefits for health and well-being. This national multidisciplinary initiative will bring together leading researchers and students from across Canada in the fields of music education, neuroscience, psychology, social sciences, health sciences and medicine, as well as music educators, health practitioners and people with lived experience. The aim is to explore how the different disciplines and partners can work together to shape this emerging field, encourage a wider audience to take an interest in this research, and create new long-term links with stakeholders to promote collaborative work.

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