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This presentation is a useful moment to sharpen our focus on systems of care rather than our frequently siloed intra-organizational perspective.

Join the next International Housing First webinar, hosted by the Canadian Housing First Network – Community of Interest and the Housing First Europe Hub. This is the second in the 2022-2023 International Webinar Series on Housing First!

In this webinar, experts and practitioners from Canada, the United States and Europe will share their research, policies and practices on how to create system change through the implementation of Housing First principles and programs.

shift from emergency approach

(image: tandem tracks of approaches with different emphasis – prevention, emergency, housing/supports in

Date: March 30, 2023; Time: 10 – 11:30 AM (Eastern Time)

Learn more and registration is here:

The background documents from the European Hub suggest a lens on policy and advocacy and how this can be integrated with practice via a governance approach.  This seems quite different from our usual talk of implementation! It would be great to hear what others think about the talk after.

policy vs governance housing first

(image: text of contrasts of policy vs. governance approaches in

Background documents on-“systems” from European Housing First Hub is here:


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  • shift from emergency approach
  • policy vs governance housing first
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