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EENet Connect is now open!

We have made a change to EENet Connect and we want to tell you about it! Based on feedback received from surveys and focus groups over the past year, we have decided to make our site more open starting today, so that content can be more easily shared via email or social media.

So what does this mean?

Before, EENet Connect content was only visible to members and could only be searched within the EENet Connect platform. For example, it didn’t appear in Google searches. With this new change, posts on EENet Connect (including resources, discussion topics, and calendar events) may now appear in broader internet searches – and they can easily be shared externally with the click of a button.

While people who are not members of EENet Connect will be able to view this content, only those with EENet Connect accounts (i.e., people who have registered, verified their email addresses, and been approved by site admins) will remain able to post new content, and reply to or comment on others’ posts. Member display names, profile pages, and profile pictures will remain visible only to EENet Connect members.

What about content that's supposed to be private?

To be clear, this change WON’T impact the visibility of content in private and hidden subgroups (*groups are now called subgroups). Group-specific discussion forums, member lists, surveys, and calendars in private and hidden subgroups will remain private. All member names and avatars across the site will also remain hidden from guests who are not members of EENet Connect. And email addresses, which have never been visible, will remain hidden. Content posted in public groups and forums will become visible.

For those who are still concerned about the visibility of their posts or their profile details, these can be easily edited or deleted by following the instructions in the EENet Connect How-to Guide.

This change will be an opportunity to spread all of our knowledge even further, and to enhance collaboration within the field of mental health and addictions. If you have questions about how this change could impact you, or any particular groups or communities of practice/communities of interest you belong to, please reach out to Emma and Rupi, the EENet Connect admin team, via

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For sure a milestone and good to see that information and ideas we are working on won't be walled off, while respecting the setup of the groups privacy. 

I'm wondering if the eenetconnect community, if "community" is a useful way to describe it, will be revisiting the ideals of "Community of Interests" or "Community of Practice," which the leaders of eenetconnect helped us learn about at the beginning? 

With thanks to the staff who work here, and congratulations in taking the leap: in/on/over to the World Wide Web.


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Hi @Registered Member and @Registered Member - as coordinators.  

Wondering what you think of the idea of setting up a forum with category of Information Communication Technology (ICT) ?  I realize there are pro's and con's on this, but an exclusive focus on use of technology to advance both direct care and knowledge sharing would be useful.

From another angle, given eenetconnect has opened up to the www more, perhaps in the name of connectivity ---there is no need to form such a forum as there may be sites that are already doing this kind of thing.  I don't know where they would be, would "portico" be doing this, or a non mental health focus site, Government site, or a business site?  

Thanks for considering, 



@Registered Member & @Registered Member : There might be a possibility of us creating a designated space for discussion topics related to information communication technology at some point in the near future. In the meantime, we encourage you to use the site's  search function and tagging to explore and discuss content related to this subject (e.g. there are currently about 18 posts tagged with the word "virtual" and 36 tagged with "technology") - this is likely to capture more threads on this subject than a single forum would.    

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