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We are Excited to Announce our Virtual Learning Centre and Resource Hub!

Over this past year, the Centre for Innovation in Peer Support underwent a comprehensive system programing and service model delivery change.  As we continue to evolve, listening to input from our stakeholders across the province, and using QI processes to pivot, pilot, evaluate and then scale and spread; we have been able to identify gaps and needs within the system.  In light of this, we are pleased to announce that as of Monday May 17th, our full programing will be offered through our Virtual Learning Centre & Resource Hub.

Through our Virtual Learning Centre & Resource Hub, we proudly launch our newest engagement products to ensure the safety, skills and success of working towards co-design with people with lived/living experience and family/caregivers; and give you access to all of the Centre’s valuable resources.  

Several examples of the resources available include our most recent toolkit: Sharing Personal Journeys Public and Advisory Engagement toolkit; our Boundaries-Ethically Navigating Professional Peer Relationships toolkit; and the Our Virtual World-a Toolkit for Implementing Virtual Group Services; among others. Stay tuned for our upcoming workshops, webinars and consultations to support the innovative work being done at the Centre!

All of our programing is now fully virtual, whether it be our Communities of Practice, our unique Peer Support Trainings, our Professional Development Webinar Learning Series, or access to our
Toolkits and Resources. This service focus will reduce barriers. As a result we can assist you in the practice and implementation of Peer Support within the Ontario health care sector. All our services, resources and training are offered free through this new virtual learning space.

For more information on the entire continuum of products, trainings or webinars offered through our Virtual Learning Centre & Resource Hub, please check out our website or drop us an

To truly harness the energy of ‘people power’ and what it takes to deliver services that bring enormous value - means living our values.  Every.  Single.  Time.   It is more than a filter.  It is a standard of caring to meet and exceed a benchmark of excellence that is based on human interaction, building relationships, being reflexive and reflective, and being honorable and kind.  True co-design in Human Services cannot seed, grow, or flourish without the humanity and humility to hear what people are saying, needing and/or wanting.  Whether that be people receiving services, people delivering services or people working to create the policy, governance and/or funding”

- Betty-Lou Kristy, Director, Support House’s Centre for Innovation in Peer Support


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