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At a special Drug Strategy Network of Ontario (DSNO) meeting on April 20, 2022, members endorsed four policy solutions to reduce drug poisoning deaths and injuries in Ontario. Implementing these policies will significantly reduce the harms, including death, experienced by people who consume unregulated drugs. They will also improve community safety by reducing drug-related crime and drug poisoning rates, while simultaneously decreasing community costs incurred by first responders, police and courts responding to the current drug poisoning crisis.

Change is possible.

View the four policy solutions, media coverage, and show your support at:

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Good to hear from you Sheryl. There are many individuals and groups/organizations working on solutions to end the drug poisoning crisis in Ontario. Some are formal organizations, and some are more grassroots groups, with most of these groups working to involve people who use drugs in the development of solutions (i.e. "nothing about us without us"). In addition to the Drug Strategy Network of Ontario (DSNO), below are some links to a few of the groups that I know of. Happy to discuss and/or provide more depending on your interest:

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