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Thanks to the 350 people who participated in our survey to determine what the new title should be for EENet Connect's most active members. 

The winner (with 94 votes) is... EENet Yoda Master!  

Anyone who has 2,500 activity points or more will soon see their title changed to this.  

We look forward to the future contributions from all of you! To quote another famous Yoda: "Always pass on what you have learned." 

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You make me laugh. One thing we do have in abundance in this community (besides the obvious wisdom) is the humour. 

I have an affinity with Yoda and Star Wars because my late son loved them. A routine we had most of his childhood was going out to the toy store every pay day so he could pick out a new plastic Star War character. He always sucked me into getting him two because he could not decide which one to get (and I am very aware that he did that because he knew I would give in if he stressed enough about "needing" to have both)

I have a poster on my desk at work with Yoda quotes that is above my Yoda toy (also on my desk) which is right beside my 7 foot wooden Giraffe (beside my desk) and a whole eclectic collection of all things 'not usually found at people's work stations'.   (I don't think my bosses know what to do with that but my co-workers are always fighting to steal my desk when I am out at meetings so they can enter my 'enchanted' world) LOL

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I'm both happy and hurt:  as an aging male (Silverback?), that Yoda ear hair thingy is likely to happen to me! Which means that it is likely inevitable that the wise elder appearance is my future (substance may be too much to hope for) with or without a hat. So, my impending venerability is creepy? Or should the outward signs of that 'wisdom of experience' be sacrificed to the prevailing aesthetic trimmer?  There may be more to EAR sciences than imagined.

And do posts like this contribute to the tally of 2500? 

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