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The Gambling, Gaming & Technology Use Community of Interest brings together addiction and mental health service providers, researchers and subject matter experts in the fields of gambling, technology/Internet use and video gaming to collaborate and share knowledge on emerging trends and clinical best practices.

The NFL once viewed sports betting as a threat. Now the league wants the action (Article). It used to be that all of the major sports leagues were opposed to sports betting. Not anymore. As is often the case, it is about the money.


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Great article Steve. This quote caught my eye:

“For adult fans who want to bet in legal markets on sports, have products and partners that serve them best in class and advance their experience,” Halpin said in a phone interview this offseason. “And on the flip side, don’t alienate the fan like my mother who doesn’t want sports betting in her national CBS broadcast.”

I think it's interesting that they're thinking about how much they advertise it and the perception it might have. Like you said, it seems like the motivation is about the money - not necessarily reducing it so people don't run into problems, but it might have a similar impact.

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