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Gambling, Gaming & Technology Use Community of Interest

The Gambling, Gaming & Technology Use Community of Interest brings together addiction and mental health service providers, researchers and subject matter experts in the fields of gambling, technology/Internet use and video gaming to collaborate and share knowledge on emerging trends and clinical best practices.

For those of you who checked out the webinar, "What we know about treating problem gaming" in Late March this year (archive linked if you haven't!), the article the presentation was based on has just been published which you can find here.

Some highlights:

  • We reviewed 41 treatment studies for problem gaming, and did not find any for problem social media use.
    • 8 studies were categorized as pharmaceutical, with Buproprion showing the most promise
    • 26 studies were categorized as psychotherapy, with CBT being the most common although there was a large variation in how CBT was administered, methodology and outcomes (although all positive)
    • 7 studies were categorized as other, including education, transcranial direct current stimulation and abstinence.
  • Measures of problem gaming varied widely, making comparisons difficult.
    • Studies might not be measuring problem gaming per se (vs. internet use generally) or may not be measuring problematic use (i.e., time only)
    • All groups got better when there were comparisons (which were limited), including no treatment.
  • Characteristics of treatment research may skew towards particular age groups (younger) and particular cultures (primarily done in Asian countries).

Read the full paper for more information! If you're unable to access the paper, please message or e-mail me for a copy.

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