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Gen Z say social media not so bad...sort of...

This article (from Buzzfeed, but with actual research attached to it) shows some stats on how not all teens find social media so bad after all.  Then they go on to say that while it's not so bad, they also don't like all the drama that occurs on social media and 26% say it makes them feel worse about their own lives.

I would wonder, if the article should be focused not on those who say it isn't so bad, but highlight the percentages who struggle with social media and maybe dig a little and find out how and why.  Those are the teens that need our support and may be quietly (or not so quietly) struggling and need resources and supports.  Another report showed that 59% of teens reported experiencing some form of cyber bullying.  Again, that is a stat that is worth exploring and figuring out how these teens can be supported - including the ones engaging in the bullying.  

There are many ways that stats can be used to make a story and unfortunately, I think this story had the focus wrong - at least in the click bait title if nothing else. 

How do the teens in your life see social media?

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